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Cheek Dimples Causes and How to Make Cheek Dimples

What are cheek dimples causes? Can you get them naturally? What about surgery? Are they attractive? Do piercings on the cheeks give you dimples? Here are the causes and how to make cheek dimples with exercises, piercings and surgery.

Faces with dimples just light up the moment and make you want to smile just like that, without cause. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered what causes dimples? Did you also wish you had them on your face too? It is human nature to long for what we do not have and what the media has glamorized to mean beauty.

how can you make dimples on your cheeks
cheek dimples causes

God wonderfully and fearfully creates us all, whether we have dimples or not. It is only human to want to change what we have been blessed with forgetting that it only becomes artificial and not what was initially intended.

These dermal depressions are cute, but if we do not have them naturally, it does not give us any right to make them. This is just my opinion, I know there is someone reading this and nothing can change his or her mind about what they have decided to achieve this year. Well, I will tell you what, you go ahead and get them.

When on your cheeks, they are cute, but if you were not born with them and you create them, they are just artificial not the real thing. There I said it! Unless you love to fake things, then its okay I will respect your decision. In fact, I will give you a few tips on how to get artificial dimples.  Just read on and find out how to make cheek dimples with exercises, piercings and surgery.

What Causes Cheek Dimples?

Generally, dimples are natural in the sense that someone who has them was born with them. Although people try to fake dimples with various methods, those can only be termed as artificial and not the inherited kind. So what causes cheek dimples? Genetics. If you do not have the trait that gives dimples in your genes you will not have dimples on cheeks. Here is the probability of a child having them.

Are Cheek Dimples Attractive?

Most people do agree that cheek dimples are attractive, I included. A person with dimples on the face does not seem to age. They are always having a baby face so to speak. Girls with dimples on cheek are totally cute and even boys. Have you seen boys with dimples in snapbacks? You just want to scream because they are too cute.  I do not want to sound as if I am exaggerating things, but look at a friend or neighbor with these beauties. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so you are the best judge.

How to Make Cheek Dimples

meaning of cheek dimples
cheek dimples photo

Want to know how to get cheek dimples? These attractive traits can also be gotten with simple exercises and natural methods at home. Look at some of these world celebrities with dimples. Don’t they look cute? I guess you want to look as cute as they do. However, do you know that they were born with them? That is correct, that is why they look so beautiful and  sometimes unreal.

It is possible to get them on your cheeks by making them artificially. However, the downside is that they may not appear like the real thing. Furthermore, a human being cannot be able to position them strategically as God does in the womb of our mothers. Looking at natural cheek dimples you can see a beautiful piece of art that is just perfect.

However, try all the tricks of making the depressions on your cheeks. But what exercises for dimples are the best? You will find that they work only for an hour or a few minutes if you are lucky. You have to put in a lot of effort leave alone patience. Besides, you make use of weird items. Can you imagine putting a bottle cap inside your cheek and trying to suck it up? If someone caught you in that act, do not get mad when he or she thinks you are a psycho case.

I would say making dimples on your cheeks the artificial way is a trial and error method. This is because nothing is guaranteed to give you natural dimples. You have to be born with a shortened cheek muscle that does not grow fully for you to have natural dimples.

Cheek Exercises for Dimples

The best and I think the only way to get them is from exercises. You have to do cheek exercises for dimples. However, let not this method fool you that they are going to be there forever. They could stay on for a few minutes or hours, just enough time for you to take a picture. How else can you brag you have made dimples with exercises if you do not take a picture?

Some people have also made a confession that doing these exercises daily for a long time has brought semi-permanent results. You will have to do them to believe this. I have never tried them so I do not know how effective these cheek exercises for dimples are. However, this is the only healthy way to get them.

You will not be piercing your cheeks with sharp and probably unsterilized objects that could give you an infection. Furthermore, you do not have to touch your skin with dirty hands to get the dimples there. You know how dirty hands can clog your pores. Without wasting so much of your time, these are the cheek exercises for dimples:

  1. Close you mouth without clenching your teeth
  2. Pout as if you just ate something bitter or you are imitating a fish
  3. Suck in you cheeks and hold for as long as you can
  4. Using your index fingers or thumbs, which should be washed with antibacterial soap prior to touching your face, press where you want the dimples on your cheeks. All this time you should maintain the pout.
  5. Press against the tissue with your fingers or thumbs for 30-60 minutes then release
  6. Run to the mirror to see the results of your cheek exercises for dimples.

Do Cheek Piercings Give You Dimples?

piercings on cheeks to get dimples
you can get cheek dimples through piercing

Another interesting way you may find in your research for making dimples is piercings. Girls who have had piercings insist that they give you dimples. However, do cheek piercings give you dimples? When you visit a piercer, he or she puts a needle through your cheek tissue and muscle. The size of the needle is dependent on how wide you want the piercing to be. This is supposed to leave a hole, not a dimple.

A cheek dimple is an indentation without an opening. Piercing has an opening because you even get to put a bar through it. The bar comes with a ball, which rests inside the cheeks and encounters your teeth.

Once the hole pierced heals, which may take some time depending on how you treat it. There remains a hole and not a cleft. This hole is what gives people an impression of a dimple from a distance. However, when you get closer to the person who has taken off the jewelry from the piercing, you only see a scar from the piercing and not a dimple.

So do cheek piercings give you dimples? No, they do not. They just give an impression that you have an indentation from constant wearing of jewelry.

Cheek Dimples Surgery

Now if you have gone through the two methods mentioned above on how to make them, you should realize that they do not give you dimples. The only hope because it has worked for most people is cheek dimple surgery. You will not have to go through excruciating pain associated with dimple piercing and the results will be permanent and real.

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