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How to Make Fake Dimples and Fake Dimple Piercings

How can I fake dimples? Can get fake dimple piercings? Here’s the best fake jewelry, tips on how to make fake cheek dimples using pen, makeup, bottle caps and surgery for permanent dimples that are fake.

Young girls love to admire in their friends what they do not have. Dimples are one thing that most girls would want to have and would go to any length to make them. However, the laws are very strict when it comes to piercings especially if one is under 18 years. Most piercing studios will not pierce a minor without an authorization from the minor’s parents. In fact, they require you to come with your parents to the studio if you want to fake dimples with piercings.

dimples faking
how to fake dimples

However, we all know how parents can get overprotective over their children, which is normal. Some adults on the other hand, have low pain tolerance levels and would never imagine of surgery or piercings to make these beauty marks. Therefore, their only option out for the endearing dimples is to fake them with anything that comes their way.

Be warned that faking dimples can make you look weird and if you have to fake dimples, just do it for the camera when getting a picture taken, with some of the things mentioned in this article, nothing more. If you have to get piercings, be prepared to fake dimples with lots of pain because that is the consequence. Here is how to make and fake them with dimple piercings and other methods.

How to Make Fake Dimples

We all know that a short muscle in the cheeks causes natural dimples when it fails to grow to the expected length. Therefore, if you do not have shorter muscles in your cheeks, you cannot possibly have dimples. If you need to flaunt dimples when you were not born with them, you have to fake them.

How to have fake dimples takes easy tricks that you can try at home without expensive jewelry or the help of another person. You can learn how to make fake dimples by experimentation of all the tricks I will mention here one at a time. This is the only way to prove what really works and what does not.

Make Fake Dimples Using a Pen or Fingers

This is how to get fake dimples using a pen or your index fingers:

  • Pucker your lips as if you have just tasted something bitter or make the face of a fish.
  • With your index fingers or pens mark the area, you want the dimples to appear on your face. You should ensure that your fingers are washed with antibacterial soap and the pen sterilized to avoid getting your pores infected
  • Once you have established the spot make a wide smile and push the fingers or pens against the skin tissue for 30 minutes.

Regular practice of these steps each day should fake dimples for a while.

How to Make Fake Dimples Using a Bottle Cap

jewelry decorates dimples
how to make dimples more attractive

Can you use bottle caps instead of fingers, pen or makeup? You have to sanitize it first as well as your hands, as it will be going inside your mouth. The size of the bottle cup has also to be just right to avoid exaggerating the created fake dimple.

  • Put the bottle cap inside your mouth with the base against your teeth and the opening against the inner cheek.
  • Suck it up and hold for as long as you can
  • Change the position of the bottle cap so that you get dimples on both cheeks and suck it in again.

These tricks are for cheek dimples. Unfortunately, the only tricks for lower back dimples is exercise

Fake Dimple Piercings and Jewelry

If you do decide to undergo the pain of piercing, make sure you know the kind of dimple piercing jewelry you want to stay on your cheeks until the dimples heal. The jewelry will have to stay in piercing without any form of disturbance to avoid infections. After the piercings heal, you will have fake dimples created by the piercings.

While you can decide to do without jewelry to highlight the fake dimple piercings, you can still flaunt the dimples with an array of jewelry for all occasions from the work environment to parties. You can choose tops of different color and designs to change with your wardrobe.

However, if you cannot stand the pain of a needle going through your cheeks, which is understandable, you can as well fake dimple piercings. This is possible with magnetic jewelry, stick on jewelry, spring loaded jewelry. While some of this may come glue on the skin easily, for some other paper like jewelry you will have to use eyelash glue to stick it on.

In case you fake dimple piercings:

  • Avoid touching your the fake piercings lest they will fall off
  • Put face powder on your cheeks so that it makes it easy for the stick on jewelry to stay
  • Wear hairstyles that will not disturb the fake piercing jewelry.

Fake Dimples Surgery – How to Make Permanent Fake Dimples

natural dimples
natural dimples

You do realize that the above methods only give temporary solutions. They could go all day long. Besides, dimple piercings leave unbearable scars on cheeks. However, if you were looking for a solution that will last longer, the fake dimples surgery would be just perfect.

The cost of faking dimples with surgery itself is crazy. However, it offers almost natural looking dimples if done by a professional. Furthermore, you do not have to wear any jewelry to hold he fake dimples in place.

Another benefit of surgery is that you there are no visible scars on your cheeks, except for inside your mouth. Of course, nobody looks inside your mouth. Therefore, the scars from surgery would be nothing embarrassing.

Fake Dimples with Makeup

You have to love doing makeup to be able to pull this one off. If you are not the kind of person who wears make up, then definitely you will look like some work of art. Using dimple makeup is perfect when you want to take a picture because you will wear it only when you need it.

In order to get fake dimples with makeup you will need:

  • A dark brown pencil or eyeliner
  • A blending brush

Using the pencil, you will have to draw a light crescent shape where you want the dimple to appear on your cheeks. You will have to be smiling in widely to be able to achieve this. Once the crescent is in place, use the blending brush to blend the color of the eye pencil with the rest of your skin.

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