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Dimples of Venus Causes & How to Get the Rare Dimples of Venus

What are the dimples of venus causes? Here’s how to get dimples with exercises. If you have lower back pain, it could be lower back pain, find out how to treat it in this write up.

Human beings are interesting, if they do not want to be attractive with their glowing skin and hair, they want to be sexy. Being sexy is not a matter of acting or saying things in a particular way, but also having a certain body. Like beauty, sexiness is relative. Hence, what is sexy for one person may be quite irritating for another. Dimples in cheeks are cute, but to some people they wish they did not have them. Another type of dimples, which appear on the lower back of human beings and are believed to be sexy are the venus kind.

Back Dimples or Dimples of Venus
Dimple features on the lower back.

The history of Venusian dimples and their meaning goes back to that of Roman goddess, Venus. The medical professionals coined the term from the art of the goddess to signify their beauty. Most women have them. However, these depressions are not rare in men as they are said to be in women.

Although, they are present in almost everyone, most people would never know the name of these beauty marks, even those who have them. This article will give the meaning of dimples of Venus and outline why they are rare.

You can also get these beauty depressions at the lower back as a woman or man with exercises in the gym or at home. Sometimes an infection in the dimples of the lower back may leave you uncomfortable. Here, we will guide you to identify pain from these beauty marks.

What Are Dimples of Venus?

The skeletal and muscular structure allows each human being to have a sacroiliac joint. On each side of this joint, there are indentations or clefts. So what are they? They are those clefts that appear on one or both sides of the sacroiliac joint. Other names for these are;

  • Sacral dimples due to their location on the body
  • Pilonidal dimples.
  • Back dimples
  • Venusian dimples
  • Butt dimples , this should not be confused with dimples on buttocks

What Causes Dimples of Venus?

If you are the type of person who wants them so bad, it is important to understand the causes of these dimples. Every human being is born with them, however, due to fat accumulation on the lower back they may never be visible. Rigorous exercises therefore, make them visible. Having a lean body on the other hand, does not guarantee visibility of the venus dimples because some people do not have them. Therefore, it is important to know that genetics and exercises do cause these depressions.

Are Dimples of Venus Rare?

Are they rare? When you anyone talks of dimples, the first thing that comes to mind is the beauty depressions in cheeks, chin, and sometimes buttocks. It does not occur automatically to people that there are lower back dimples. This therefore, makes dimples of venus rare.

The fact that not most people know all the joints in their body makes these set of beauties alien. Some people will say they do not have them just because they do not where they are found. However, once the lower back is mentioned, they check and find that they do have them.

If you have never discovered them on yourself, it could be that your body fat is way above the average because on skinny people the these sacral dimples are not rare. For dimples of venus in men to show, they should have an average low body fat of 22%. Women on the other hand, need an average of 32% low body fat.

It does not mean also that if you are fat that you cannot have a set these rare kind of sacral depressions. You can if you keep your body in good shape. There are various exercises to tone the lower back, and they go hand in hand with the abdominal exercises among others.

In case by now you have realized you do not have them, not to worry, you can get them through exercises and I will tell you what kind of exercises. If these fail to give you the rare venus dimples, then you just do not have them genetically (they do not exist in your genetics). Accept yourself as you are, without them.

How to Get Dimples of Venus

As I stated earlier almost all human beings are born with these dimples. However, due to accumulation of body fat on the lower back, their visibility diminishes. You can check out if you have them by eating a healthy diet.

Dimples of Venus Causes How to Get Dimples of Venus
What causes Venusian beauty dimples?

Do not diet to lose weight in order to flaunt dimples on your lower back. Losing excess weight is not healthy. You must eat a balanced diet at all times whether you are trying to lose body fat or not. The only thing you reduce is the calories intake.

Keep the calories at 1200 per day and you will be good to get Venusian dimples. Furthermore, drink plenty of water. A healthy intake is 2-3 liters per day.

You must be anxious to find out how to get dimples of venus. Let me not waste any more time in telling the exercises you need. Make sure however, that you are doing them with a professional trainer in an equipped gym. I do not want you breaking your back for a sexy back set of sacral dimples! Some are safe at home though and I will tell you which ones.

  • Dead Lifts
  • Bulgarian Split Squat or back squats (safe at home) Place a bench behind you and lift one leg to rest on it, while the other is firmly on the ground. Squat at 90⁰ or until the leg on the bench almost touches the floor. Do this continuously for effective results).
  • Superman
  • Overhead squats
  • Lunges
  • Back extensions
  • Hip bridges (safe at home) lie on your back and bend your knees. Keep your arms besides you with the hands on the floor to support you as you lift your hips to the same level as your legs.
  • Opposite arm and leg raises (safe at home) On your knees and hands on floor lift your right hand and left leg towards the ceiling. Alternate with the left hand and right leg, and keep doing this f 10 times )
  • Roman Chair
  • Smith Machine

The secret on getting the dimples on lower back is to do any of these exercises religiously, like your being sexy depended on them.

Dimples of Venus Pain

What is pain from dimples? The abnormal movement of the sacroiliac joint where the dimples of venus are found can sometimes get inflamed due to various causes. Inflammation may occur on one or on both sides of the joints. When this happens, pain is experienced, which is usually sharp or excruciating. They pain may be also be referred to your back thighs, buttocks and not anywhere below the knees. Such that you feel pain coming from these areas and not from the area with sacral depressions.

The right exercises can help you get the coveted beauty marks.
The right exercises can help you get the coveted beauty marks.

This pain may also get worse when you:

  • Sit for long hours
  • When climbing up the stairs
  • Lift heavy objects
  • When you take prolonged walks
  • Bend

It is important to see a doctor once you experience this kind of pain. The dimples of venus pain is also known as sacroiliac joint dysfunction or SI joint dysfunction. Reporting the pain to the doctor will enable him or her to alleviate the pain for you and prevent low back problems, which account to about 10%-30% from people with this dysfunction.

 Dimples of Venus Surgery

Sometimes Venusian sacral depressions may require surgery when there is a possibility of an infection. Dimple surgery is only possible if the indentations exhibit the following symptoms:

  • There is a red swelling
  • The swelling has fluid in it
  • Tender swelling

Series of tests are run on the body to rule out a cyst that could lead to surgery.

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