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What Causes Dimples on Cheek, Back, and Buttocks?

What causes dimples on cheek? Some people have them on back and on buttocks. Additionally, others may have dimpled shoulders. Here are the causes that you may not have known about even though you fancy those little depressions.

You must have seen the attractive indentations on cheeks and sometimes on chin commonly known as dimples. While some people have two on both sides of the cheeks, others are lucky to have several. I say lucky because, dimples are adorable to many who do not have them. To people with dimples on cheeks, they also love them too and would not trade them for anything. There are other types of dimples that may not be deemed too attractive, such as those found on the buttocks. If discover I have those I would not be too proud of my rear.

What causes deimples on cheeks, buttocks, back
Dimples are pretty, aren’t they?

Then another set is found on the lower back, on each side of the lower part of the spinal chord. These set dimples although found mostly in women, can be found in men too. Dimples on back are sexy to many and it is very unlikely that you would find them in an overly average built person. The big question however, is what causes dimples?

What Causes Back Dimples?

What causes back dimples? They “are sagittally symmetrical indentations sometimes visible on the human lower back” ( The lower back of human beings has a joint known as sacroiliac and there is where clefts on either side are found, also referred to as the back dimples.

Other names for a dimpled back are:

  • Venusian
  • Dimples of venus, an informal term coined by the medical profession
  • Butt dimples

Genetics is what is believed to be the cause of these depressions. However, you can always find back dimples in most lean athletic people. Whether these dimples have occurred due to the rigorous exercises these people are subjected to, it is possible that they have been enhanced.

The truth of the matter is that athletic people such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Michael Phelps have back dimples, which are more visible. In such athletic people, there can only be one answer, the rigorous cardiovascular exercises. They train hard to keep fit and stay in shape and probably if you did the same, you can acquire them.

Fortunately, most women have back dimples as opposed to men. The name dimples of venus is actually borrowed from the Roman goddess Venus. She was a goddess of beauty and hence, anyone who has them on the back is a beauty icon. Men who have these are also attractive and many can be seen flaunting them along the beaches in summer months.

If you do not have them on back, there is no need to be envious. You can make the cleft visible on your lower back by exercising. First, you have to ensure that your body fat remains at low percentages.

The fat percentages that could possibly get you beautiful and sexy back dimples are:

Lower Back Dimples
Dimpled Lower Back

  • In men low fat range of 6-13%
  • In women low fat range of 14-20%

If you have more fat than the mentioned percentages above, then you have a lot of hard work to do. You need to consult with your doctor then trainer as soon as possible so that you can loose the excess fats. On the other hand, if you have less fat, you need to eat healthy meals while still exercising.

Are Back Dimples Genetic?

Are they genetic? As we have seen above genetics are the reason for back dimples, however a exercises enhances them. If you do not have the money to enroll in a gym, you can do some regular exercises at home to get your sexy back dimples.

However, you must ensure that you sweat, that is the only way to know you are working your muscles and joints hard. Here is a simple exercise you can do daily in the comfort of your home to get your lower back dimples that are not genetic.

  • Lie on your tummy on the floor, your face should also face down and your arms stretch out before you. Keep your feet together.
  • All your limbs should be kept straight and your torso firm. Lift your both your arms and legs to the ceiling while supporting your body with your stomach
  • Repeat this exercise a few times and each time, remember to breath.

The answer to, are back dimples genetic? is simple, yes they are. However, you can make them more indented through rigorous exercises. The exercise I gave above is known as superman exercise.

What Causes Dimples in Cheeks?

As I mentioned earlier these occur on various parts of the body for all sorts of reasons. When it comes to cheeks, it is actually a beautiful deformity. The facial muscles known as zygomaticus major come in varied structures. When the muscles are short and remain short, they become visible as small depressions on both sides of the cheeks. However, a dimple on one cheek is also possible, maybe because of the same muscles being shorter on one side than the other is.

Shoulder Dimples
On shoulders.

So what causes dimples in cheeks? All babies are born with cheek dimples. Nevertheless, as they grow older, the zygomaticus major muscles lengthen and hide the indentations. In some people, who had parents with this trait they never disappear in adulthood. For some people who loose their cute depressions in old age it is because of the elastic nature of the skin on cheeks.

If you have dimples right now, you can actually have children with dimples with a partner who also has them. On the other hand, if your spouse does not have dimples on cheeks, chances are, you can still have a baby with cute dimples in cheeks.

This is how the depressions in cheeks appear if you really want them on your baby girl or boy:

  • For both parents with dimples in cheeks there is a 50-100% possibility that their child will have them too.
  • For one parent with them there is a 25-50% that the offspring will flaunt some cute them in cheeks.

What Causes Dimples on Buttocks?

These depressions occur in various parts of the body, not to mention even in the weirdest locations, the buttocks. This may not be common in men because they have lean butts than women do. In fact, they may not occur at all in men. Cellulite is a common phenomenon in women.

For women who are conscious of their bodies they will notice the small depressions on buttocks without a doubt. What causes them on buttocks? There are various reasons why women may have dimples on their buttocks. These include:

  • High body fat
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of lower back exercises

What to do if you have them on buttocks

  • Drink lots of water
  • Exercise regularly while paying attention to your butt there are exercises meant for the butt actually.

What Causes Shoulder Dimples?

The rare kind of dimples is those found on the shoulders. These can be found on both or one shoulder. You can see the indentation on the shoulder and it looks like a deformity. Here are the causes.

  • Inborn malformation
  • Infectious disease
  • Accidental upset of the shoulder muscles.

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